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Cizmic Speaks at the ECCB’s 4th Growth and Resilience Dialogue

News Release   |   St. Kitts  |  Feb 2020

Hosted annually in St. Kitts, the Growth and Resilience Dialogue is a forum organized by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) that brings together regional monetary policy stakeholders and representatives from the community to share perspectives and drive conversation around matters of economic growth and prosperity across the Easter Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU). The theme for this year’s event was “Regional Transformation Through Innovation.” The objective was to create programs and plans designed to promote innovative projects to combat the region’s unique growth challenges. Key innovation areas of interest include:

Cizmic was invited to sit on the panel to offer a private sector perspective in the topic of the Digital Economy given the active role Cizmic has played in digital transformation journeys of a number of organizations in the region over the past 19 years. Richard St. John from Cizmic shared his thoughts on the use of digital wallets, digital currency, and the implications these technologies will have on certain industries. He also noted the importance of forward-thinking governance that proactively addresses three major barriers to digital economy transformation: adequate education, reliable power, ubiquitous/affordable broadband.


Overall, the forum provided a productive discussion around important emerging trends and their significance to the region’s broader economic growth ambitions. Leaders and pundits presented valuable concerns that ECCU needs to consider as it embarks on its digital transformation. With a central bank digital currency project already underway and a campus carbon neutral initiative, the ECCB is already setting a strong example for the region’s stakeholders and community to follow. After this event, all parties walked away with vision and consensus to continue their roles to advance the region’s competitiveness and prosperity.

Featured Advisor: Richard St. John