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Technology Consulting

Cizmic recognizes that today’s business leaders are not only challenged with keeping abreast of the latest technological trends but also with fitting this understanding into their organization’s strategic vision. In infrastructure-heavy industries like telecommunications and information technology, the highly competitive nature of the territory means that every technological advantage is a potential game-changer. Knowing this, Cizmic’s advisors maintain a keen awareness of the ever-evolving communications technology landscape. Our relevant knowledge combined with our business savvy enables us to effectively guide organizations in charting out a path around improving their operational efficiency and commercial impact through emerging opportunities afforded by new technology platforms, systems, and ecosystems.


Video Security Design

Cizmic has over a decade of experience in designing IP Video Surveillance networks. Our IP Video Network engagements encompass the following areas:

– IP Video Surveillance camera selection based on customer requirements and network capabilities

– Storage and server farm dimensioning to ensure the ability to store and retrieve video footage per customer and regulatory requirements

– Video Management Solutions selection

– Data Network design including Routers, Switches and VPNs

Network Assessment (Data, Voice, Video)

Telecommunications networks are constantly evolving in response to increasing demands from customers and advances in technology. As a result, both Telecom Service Providers and Large Enterprises are in need of experts to assess their networks and provide guidance in preparing technology roadmaps. Cizmic specializes in evaluating and assessing data, voice and video networks and recommending upgrade strategies. Additionally, we provide customers with not only technical perspectives, but a cost benefit analysis geared towards evaluating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of various options.

RFP Development & Evaluation

It is often beneficial for companies to engage consulting firms such as Cizmic to develop and evaluate response. RFP Management is a time-consuming process that can also be intimidating for managers and executives who do not have the technical or commercial expertise in the solution that they are considering for their organization. The Cizmic team provides customers with RFP development and evaluation services for a wide range of technology and professional services solutions. We follow a simple process:

1. Understanding the client objectives
2. Developing a specification that would meet the stated objectives
3. Identifying and engaging qualified vendors

Vendor Selection & Evaluation

Vendor Selection is often a challenging process that can create disagreement and biases within organizations. It is often better to allow external consultants such as Cizmic to evaluate the vendors and provide recommendations for selection. Cizmic will assist clients in evaluating, selecting and negotiating vendor agreements. The evaluation of vendors is based on predetermine weightings of specific criteria of the RFP response. Negotiation of final agreements is an optional service that Cizmic provides for large complex projects.