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System Integration

Successfully deploying a major technological upgrade often involves strong communication, agreement, and collaboration between many stakeholders. These projects entail many moving parts and therefore bring distinct challenges for organizations who are already typically fully occupied with managing their existing operational functions. With Cizmic’s high-quality project management approach and comprehensive industry expertise, our clients find a well-needed degree of structure and efficiency to execute on complex technology projects.


Telecommunications Plant Upgrade

The telecommunications industry has grown and evolved through generations of technology development. At each milestone, our customers have had to make strategic decisions regarding network upgrades in order to remain competitive and relevant in the market they serve. Cizmic has been a valued resource, assisting many of our customers as they try to navigate each generational juncture of the technological journey. As such our team of technical experts has been a trusted partner, helping several of our clients in various aspects of their telecommunications and technology upgrades.

Equipment Procurement & Installation

From time to time some of our Enterprise customers will need specialized gear to support various aspects of their ongoing business. Some of these requests are a follow-on from the advisory support we provide. This equipment may include Video Surveillance & Security cameras, Information Technology network gears, Cyber Security equipment, Data Center equipment etc. In many cases our team is contracted to source the equipment and install the solution, which sometimes are a stand-alone, while at other times part of an ongoing larger engagement. Based on our partnership agreements with our vendors, we are often times able to provide our customers with such equipment at significant discounted levels. Once the installation is completed, our team would normally provide one-off training and ongoing support to ensure knowledge transfer is fully effected.

Network Deployment & Integration

Similar to our role in assisting in telecommunications plant upgrade, Cizmic also provide services to deploy both greenfield as well as existing networks for the customers we serve. These networks which include Security Video Surveillance, Wireless (Mobile/Fixed), Next Generation Networks, Fiber (GPON), Cable TV, Public WiFi and other combination of aggregated technologies are deployed utilizing a team approach of several knowledge experts.

Our approach typically includes an initial design, preferred technology, vendor options and an assigned project team to manage the deployment and track activities milestone. This team is also responsible for overseeing the integration, if required, of the network being deployed with any existing one.

Project Management & Implementation

Cizmic’s project management and implementation services make the best use of our combined years of managing complex, as well as simple projects to deliver a world class approach to every project being managed. In most cases we are project managing an implementation which is also under our engagement remit. While our company performs project oversight for various industry verticals, the majority of projects we are engaged to manage from commencement to completion are technology deployment, new product introduction, due diligence (buy/sell company projects), video surveillance & security, plant upgrades, introduction of a new process, and other related telecommunications projects.

Digital Financial Solutions

Over the past decade Cizmic has been providing various forms of digital financial advisory services for several of our telecom customers, seeking to diversify their product portfolio. The request for these services has gained additional traction since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been helping in developing digital financial strategies that include digital payment solutions, digital currencies, mobile wallets and various forms of digital payment platform solutions. The deployment of some of these solutions are heavily dependent on regulatory approvals and as such, our advisory involves close dialog with Central Banks and other regulatory agencies to ensure that the solutions we offer meet the requirements mandated for applicable Anti Money Laundering(AML), Terrorist Financing (TF) and Know Your Customer(KYC) rules. Our team, through our partnerships with several fintech industry stakeholders are able to provide the combination of digital payment/currency solution that is transformational to the community and our customers.

Cyber Security Solutions

In a mid and post-digital transformation age where most organizations are now hosting or conducting a significant portion of their core operational functions digitally, the threat landscape for cyber attack has expanded considerably. The reward for attackers looking to breach companies’ cyberspace for valuable personally identifiable information, intellectual property, or simply to inflict financial harm is now greater than ever. Meanwhile, the consequences faced by victims of cyber attack have also increased as well. Through technology partnership, Cizmic is able to offer world-class cyber defense software to counteract the ever-growing threat of cyber attack and thereby protect the assets and integrity of our clients. We offer innovative solutions for autonomous penetration testing, IoT device security, and corporate network security. Our collection of options come from some of the industry’s most pioneering cyber security companies and are designed to give our clients a significant technological edge in the battle to protect their organization. Our solutions are administered in a form tailored to each client’s unique needs including in MSSP and annual self-managed license models.