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Commercial Consulting

With decades of consulting experience and strong knowledge in numerous markets around the globe, Cizmic has the expertise required to efficiently solve your business challenge while producing sustainable results. We make it a priority to establish a complete understanding of our clients’ situations to then apply our analytical rigor to drill down to key root causes and identify unseen opportunities. Maintaining a big-picture perspective and drawing from our diverse and extensive history, we are able to provide clients with creative, holistically-crafted solutions that unlock hidden potential and chart clients on course for future success.


Feasibility Studies & Business Assessments

From time to time, many of our customers need some assessment or feasibility study to be performed in relation to an existing business process/area or an intended business segment they wish to pursue. As an objective advisor, Cizmic provides an unbiased investigation into the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of the area in question. Our team performs technical, commercial, and structural feasibility studies executed within a framework designed to examine the subject’s four Ps, risks, and points of vulnerability. Our customers walk away from the study armed with a comprehensive picture of the subject’s cost-value profile and as a result have the confidence to make the right decision.

Market Research

In addition to assisting our customers to prepare strategic plans, Cizmic specializes in helping clients launch new products and services. We employ a rigorous project management methodology coupled with commercial go-to-market tactics to ensure success. Utilizing our market research capabilities, our customers are able to make key decisions regarding new product/service launches, market re-positioning for existing products and which market segments to strengthen or exit, based on the presence of competition.

Cizmic’s market research team through its network of trained enumerators, statisticians, and market research experts will conduct focus groups, design survey instruments, perform the enumeration exercise and provide findings that will help our customers make informed decision around the market risks, prospects and opportunities that exist in their market.

Business Planning & Valuation

Cizmic’s strategic planning services are targeted to provide our customers with a business transformational roadmap for a defined future horizon, typically 3 to 5 years. Our team’s approach to developing strategic plans involves spending time up front to understand the drivers of the business, the environment within which that business operates (competitive, commercial, regulatory) and the stakeholders who are integral to the continued success and sustainability of the organization.

Cizmic’s services in this area generally include: strategic planning, business plan modeling, financial reporting and benchmarking, and balanced scorecard and KPI assessment. These services, combined with our other core competencies, allow us to provide our clients with the information they need for general investments, capital improvement, resource planning and product introduction and retirement. A natural outcome of our strategic planning services is the business valuation that some of our clients request. In this area Cizmic uses a proven valuation methodology to provide our customers with a range of values that leads to a satisfactory outcome for all stakeholders.

Due Diligence

Business can either grow organically or inorganically. For many, competitive pressures sometimes make the organic growth path a non-feasible approach to achieving stated strategic targets. This often results in the consideration of purchasing an entity, the acquisition of which will help in the company’s growth initiatives. When these situations occur, Cizmic is often engaged to assist in performing the due diligence of the target entity. Our services in this area involves a very rigorous and meticulous approach to understanding all aspects of the company being targeted (past performance and future growth prospect, management & leadership, assets & liabilities, cash flow & valuation).

We also help some of our customers prepare their business for sale by performing a due diligence on the gaps that exist and helping to close those gaps ahead of a potential sale.

Product Development & Introduction

Knowing when to retire aging products, while making room for new market-appropriate ones requires experience and talent. Our team has a proven track record of rationalizing product portfolios to ensure the systematic removal of products costing more to maintain than the revenue the generate. Additionally we are also the first choice for many of our customers to assist in the ideation and development of new products for commercial deployment. The Cizmic approach involves a continuum including ideation, market research, market testing, follow up research, branding, promotions, pricing, channels of distribution and commercial launch. We continue to assist many of our customers in several verticals, including telecommunications, security, hospitality and information technology, to introduce and launch new products.

Promotions & Branding

Our services in this area are targeted to customers seeking to promote new or existing products, as well as those seeking to embark upon a rebranding campaign for an existing product line or line-of-business. Cizmic’s team of talented market specialists help clients develop promotional programs that boost market presence and sales performance. Regarding rebranding, our approach usually involves upfront market research to gain an understanding of the market perception of the existing brand, developing potential logos and tag lines, incorporating the values that the brand represents in the final rendition and launching the brand.

Training & Leadership Development

The Cizmic team is committed to a program of knowledge transfer and development for our customers. Based on our team’s collective experience we are able to use the lessons learnt from our multiple engagements to provide teachable moments for selected customers. As such, Cizmic conducts seminars and courses throughout the Caribbean and Americas geared towards strengthening the knowledgebase and filling any observed gaps that may exist for our customers. Programs are designed and tailored to match our customers’ requirements and are facilitated either at the Cizmic offices or at the customer site. Our expert instructors cover such topics as: Telecommunications Basics and Industry Trends, 4G/5G Technology for non-technical staff, Managing Strategic Relationships, Creating an Impactful Sales Team, Improving Customer Service & Market Research methods.

We also help some of our customers prepare their business for sale by performing a due diligence on the gaps that exist and helping to close those gaps ahead of a potential sale.


For customers or new prospects seeking to secure additional funding for business expansion or for capital improvement, Cizmic will use its team of experts to develop investor-grade plans suited for Private Equity, Private Investor or Corporate Financing review. These plans are prepared to ensure that they are grounded in reality, believable and professional-grade in representation. Our team will help package the request and assist with negotiating the required financing as well.